Cemetery Chapel

This oft overlooked architectural gem was designed by Sholto Douglas in 1913 as part of his cemetery scheme. It was constructed by the Kenilworth firm Ed Smith & Son, and cost £700.

On 21st November 1940 it sustained substantial damage to its roof and some leaded windows were blown out due to the first landmine exploding about 100 yards away, but within an hour it was in use as a mortuary for the victims of the second explosion at Abbey End. The pews were removed and corrugated iron sheets laid on the floor.

The plaque recording the 26 known names of the 27 civilians who died in Kenilworth during WW2 hangs on the wall, inconveniently behind the entrance as it was supposed to be a temporary location.

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The grave of the two unknown souls is in close proximity to the chapel


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The wreath placed by the Mayor on 21st November 2015, later moved to the grave of the two unknown souls.