Evidence by Thomas Phillip Insall, nephew


Thomas was a 42 year-old painter and decorator, at the time employed by Gray & Co, Coventry. He lived at 41 Arthur Street.

“The missing persons George and Nellie Webb, were my uncle and aunt.”

“I knew that the four Snapes and the two Glennie’s were staying at 5 Abbey End Kenilworth with my uncle and aunt on the night of 20th November 1940, and all were there in the early hours of November 21st 1940.”

“I do know that my Uncle and Aunt never left home except for their usual summer holiday and I have no reason to believe they were absent from their address on the particular night. My Aunt was always in the habit of taking a tin box containing policies of insurance and her certificate of marriage with her when she went away for the night anywhere. That tin box was recovered from the ruins of the house with the policies and Certificate of Marriage inside.”

“I should have known if they were absent from 5 Abbey End that night. I always knew if they were going to be away and where they were going to be.”