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 This website is currently being updated; content will continue to be added over the coming months.



As each year passes, the numbers of those that can recall the Second World War diminish. The responsibility to ensure the memories live on of those who lost their lives, played their part in securing our future, or simply having to cope with wartime conditions, falls to the next generation; this includes the author.

It is important too that all remaining artefacts are properly recorded, and where possible preserved, to help explain to future generations exactly what the wartime years in Kenilworth were really like.

The purpose of this website is to provide a comprehensive picture of Kenilworth and the second world war. It is far from complete and further additions are planned.

It is recommended that the main article The War Comes to Kenilworth  is read first, as this provides the background to most of the other pages.

It perhaps does not need saying that contributions to this website are invited and will be gratefully received. Credit, of course, will be given or omitted as desired by the contributor. Please contact me via this link:

I shall focus on Kenilworth itself so shall not be including the stories of Kenilworth servicemen and their exploits, but it would be wrong not include a mention of those who did not return. For this I thoroughly recommend a visit to the Kenilworth War Memorial website:

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