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Abbey End, The Square, before the bomb

Two edits of the same image; the clean clocktower suggests it is new, and so the photograph is likely to be pre the Great War. The lower shows the Globe Hotel, centre, and a lady standing outside a milliners at 5 Abbey End.



The extent of the vegetation on 1 & 2 The Square, and the dirty clocktower, indicates this is a much later photograph, probably 1920s. Beyond The Globe Hotel, 1, 3 & 5 Abbey End have been rebuilt with a new frontage.


Abbey End was widened in 1935; this view shows the shortened 1 & 2 The Square behind the clock; buildings further up Abbey End were similarly altered, notably a large house, The Firs.


Dr Harper’s house, Bendower. It can be seen in the top two images, behind the white wall.