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The Wardens Club


There were a number of Civil Defence sections in Kenilworth and they often took part in joint exercises. On one such occasion in the spring or summer of 1941, two Wardens from opposite ends of the town were together at Warden’s Post No.12 in the High Street. This was a typical wartime shelter of brick with a concrete-slab roof and referred to as a ‘blockhouse’. Walter Searston, normally at the St Johns First Aid post, was visiting Hector Makepeace who was in his usual place.

The two were keen cricketers and from their discussion that evening, typical of the friendly rivalry that existed amongst the various sections, they arranged a challenge cricket match between members of their two respective A.R.P quarters. The match was played at the still-surviving Warwick Road ground, then the home of St Johns Cricket Club. It led to regular fixtures arranged against army and air force units stationed in the area, with Hector Makepeace being the captain.

Makepeace, the accepted the founder of The Wardens club, was a butcher for the London Meat Company at Warwick Road and lived at Borrowell Cottages in Borrowell Lane.

On display at the opening of the new clubhouse in Leyes Lane in 1959, was the original board, black with gold lettering declaring ‘Warden’s Post 12’ that had hung on the outside of the blockhouse.


(Details taken from Kenilworth Weekly News, 24th April 1959)