Being close to the heavily industrialised City of Coventry, it is no surprise that Kenilworth was on ocassions targeted, either deliberately or accidentally, by enemy aircraft.

It has been suggested to me that one reason Kenilworth received hits was due to its market gardens; there were many sites covered with greenhouses and from the air these could be mistaken for factories, particularly at night when moonlight caught just one side of the pitch roofs. As will be seen, the railway line too was an abvious target.

With one notable exception, Kenilworth escaped comparitively lightly. One of the great concerns for example was the dropping of incendiary devices; although I have read one account of an attack where they "fell all over the town", I have yet to read of a single building catching fire due to an incendiary.

In these pages I am attempting to record all the raids on the town that took place and needless to say, any additional information will be gratefully received.